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This page lists all of free software packages that I have either developed myself, or been one of the primary developers on. The list is in (roughly) reverse chronological order; it includes some packages that haven't been release yet, but hopefully will be soon. For useful hacks that I've never gotten around to releasing, see my hacks page.
Name Latest version Release date Status
tscat 1.0 2006-02-19 active
a simple filter that reads lines from stdin, prepends a timestamp, and writes to stdout
elspy 0.1.1 2002-10-22 back-burner
a local_scan() function for Exim 4 that embeds a Python interpreter, allowing you to write your own local_scan() in Python
Optik 1.5.1 2006-04-19 active
a powerful, flexible, extensible, easy-to-use, object-oriented command-line parsing library for Python
Quixote 0.5.1 2002-10-08 active
Python-centric web application framework
Grouch 0.2 2002-02-19 back-burner
after-the-fact type checker for Python data
Sancho 0.1 2002-06-14 back-burner [1]
unit-testing framework for Python
SPLAT! N/A N/A back-burner
simple bug tracking database; written as a sample Quixote application with real-world utility
Python Distutils 1.0.2 2001-05-03 transferred [2]
standard tools for building, installing, and distributing Python modules; part of the Python Standard Library since Python 1.6
btparse 0.34 2000-12-22 transferred
C library for parsing BibTeX data files; this is the low-level half of btOOL, and the layer underneath Text::BibTeX
Text::BibTeX 0.34 2000-12-22 transferred
the high-level half of btOOL: a Perl front-end to btparse library, with some additional code to help emulate BibTeX
Getopt::Tabular 0.3 1999-04-07 unmaintained
table-driven, strongly-typed argument parsing for Perl 5
Fortune 0.2 2000-02-26 unmaintained
Perl module for reading fortune (strfile) databases
MPEG Library 1.3.1 1999-08-08 unmaintained
C library for MPEG-1 video decoding, based on mpeg_play from UC Berkeley

  1. I did most of the original implementation of the module that grew up into Sancho, but Neil Schemenauer cleaned up the code enormously and takes care of releases. Andrew Kuchling wrote the documentation.
  2. Andrew Kuchling took care of the Distutils 1.0.2 release; my last release was 1.0.1, on 15 Oct 2001.